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10 judges of appellate court of Kiev passed the evaluation

VKKS declared results
May 26, 2016, the High qualification Commission of judges of Ukraine has determined the results of the initial qualification evaluation 12 judges of the court of Appeal of Kyiv.

10 judges are able to dispense justice:
– Borisova Elena Vasilievna;

– Kachan Victor Yakovlevich;

– Kirilyuk, Galina Nikolaevna;

– Kravets Valentina Arkadyevna;

– Kryzhanovskaya Anna Vladimirovna;

– Levenets Boris Borisovich;

– Mazurik Elena Fedorovna;

– Marayev Natalia E.;

– Makhlay Lyudmila Dmitrievna;

– Tune Swetlana.

Not confirmed the possibility to administer justice Korchemny Gennady Valerievich. He removed from justice and sent to the National school of judges of Ukraine on retraining up to 22 Sep 2016. After training at the judge waiting for re-evaluation.

Adjourned in conducting the interview and determining the results of evaluation of judges Lepsevskoe Elena Fedorovna. It is necessary to conduct additional validation data of the judicial dossier.