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 Offices in the regions of Ukraine and abroad

Specialists of the Law firm “Rubicon Consulting Group” provide services of legalization of documents to be submitted abroad. Legalization of documents is performed for the validation of the document on the territory of another country. Document issued in Ukraine is legal abroad only through its legalization, the essence of which consists in the confirmation of the power, validity of the signature, seal of the official issued the document.

There are two types of document legalization: the stamping of an Apostille (for the Hague Convention countries) and consular legalization of documents.

Experts of the law firm perform the consular legalization of documents and stamping of an “apostille” on such documents: documents from the Civil Acts Registration Bureau, archival inquiry, notarial statement (certificate of family status), the notarial power of attorney, certificate of health, education documents and the annexes thereto, non-conviction certificate, the court documents (court decision, court sentence, court act) documents of companies and other official documents.

Special attention should also be paid to the procedure of legalization of documents on education, which is called nostrification, which has as its goal the legalization of these documents for employment abroad, as well as the procedure of legalization of documents on education Dichiarazione di valore for Italy (Declaration), which is performed for study or employment in Italy.

Specialists of the law firm provide clients with the service of apostille and consular legalization of documents abroad (20 countries), written translation services of documents in a foreign language with notarization, as well as services for discovery of duplicate documents.

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