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Lawyers and attorneys of the Law firm “Rubicon Consulting Group” provide professional legal advice, which are the basis for understanding a particular situation and also help initially to understand the current situation and determine the ways to resolve a judicial issue. Also the lawyer legal advice allows to make a conclusion about the necessity of attraction of the lawyer, attorney or other specialist to the resolution of the legal issue.

By contacting our law firm, you will be able to get the legal advice on your issue, and also will be able in the following to order the legal services you are interested in any city or country.

The result of the resolution of the legal issue you are interested depends, in most cases, on what level and what lawyer, attorney or specialist has held the legal advice.

Considering the importance of such services as legal advice, this service to the citizens and legal entities is provided only by the professionals of the law firm with practical experience in a particular field of legislation and law.

Due to the presence in the structure of the law firm the department of the foreign languages translation, our professional attorneys and lawyers are able to provide legal advices in many foreign languages.

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