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The Law Firm Rubicon provides legal services and legal services to a lawyer for businesses and citizens in various cases. A lawyer in Kiev, a lawyer in Kharkov and other cities of Ukraine conducts legal advice, drafts legal documents for the court and other bodies, provides legal protection in court and representation of clients’ interests in legal matters of various categories.

Law firm lawyers services: legal advice of the lawyer, legal analysis of documents, evaluation of the prospects of consideration of cases in court, legal review of contracts, drafting of marriage contracts, drafting of legal documents for the court (petition to the court, the objection to the claim, counter claim, appeal and cassation complaint, the response to the request, application, claim), the conducting of cases in court by the lawyer in different categories of cases, pre-trial settlement of disputes, legal support at the stage of enforcement proceedings and debt recovery, on-retainer legal support of business, mediation, legal support of transactions with real estate and land, legal support of the bankruptcy of companies, the protection of copyright and related rights and more.

Category of court cases conducting by our lawyers: family law, divorce, division of property between the former conjoints, civil law, adoption, international adoption, termination of parental rights, paternity, business law, corporate law and commercial law, criminal law, accidents, inheritance law, labor law, copyright law, customs law, housing law, tax law, insurance law, banking law and credit, defense of honor, dignity and business reputation, immigration law and other categories of cases.

The lawyers of the law firm will help you to find the optimal solutions to the encountered legal situations, and will put all their experience and knowledge for rapid and optimal resolution in your best interests. Timely access to the lawyer for legal advice will avoid many legal problems.

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