Legal services abroad

legal services lawyer abroad

Law firm “Rubicon Consulting Group” provides its clients with the opportunity to obtain legal services in various areas in more than 30 countries through the partner offices abroad.

Partners of the law firm – is the legal and law companies, attorneys and private lawyers, immigration firms, translation agencies and other companies, which for years established business relationships and is constantly working in the interests of clients.

Through our partners we provide legal services in such countries:
Russia, USA, Spain, Italy, Germany, Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Greece, Slovakia, Switzerland, Austria, Latvia, Estonia, Kazakhstan, UAE, UK, Poland, France, Lithuania, Portugal, Georgia, Israel, Brazil, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Cyprus, China, Uzbekistan, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Ireland, Argentina, Turkey and other countries

You may obtain information from specialists of our law firm on the possibility of providing each service in each country.

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