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Law firm “Rubicon Consulting Group” provides services for liquidation of companies and entrepreneurs. Our lawyers provide a full range of legal services for the beginning of the process of business liquidation, support of the business closing procedure and on issues of representation of interests in economic court, regulatory bodies and other organizations.

Ukrainian legislation provides different ways of business liquidation. So the liquidation (closure) of the business is performed by the decision of the founders of the company (by the decision of founders or authorized body of the legal entity) by the court decision (compulsory liquidation) or through the bankruptcy proceedings. Also particularly noteworthy is frequently used formal liquidation which is performed in the re-registration of the company to another owner with its subsequent liquidation.

The issues solved in the business liquidation: protecting of the company from creditors, debtor indebtedness recovery, change of founders, reduction and debt relief, the removal of movable and immovable property of the company, change of the legal structure of the company, checking of the company’s financial activities and assets, counteraction the “capture” of the company by third parties, change of the company’s equity and more.

It should also be noted other relevant legal services provided by the specialists of the law firm which are in demand in the process of business liquidation, in particular the services of the insolvency officer in the process of closing the company, and audit of economic activities of the liquidated business.

The lawyers of the law firm on the issues of business liquidation will provide you with full legal assistance and help with issues that you may have in the process of liquidation of companies, and will provide all necessary legal services in other related areas.

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