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Law firm “Rubicon Consulting Group” provides services on-retainer legal support of companies in Ukraine. On-retainer legal support of business – is a whole range of legal services for businesses, which are provided on an ongoing basis and necessary to resolve legal issues that arise in the process of doing business.

Services under the on-retainer legal support of business: legal advice of lawyer, preparing legal conclusions, providing legal material, legal documentation review, constituent documents, contracts, drafting of legal documents, work with contracts, provision of recommendations relating to amendments to the constituent documents, preparation of requests and letters to the law enforcement and regulatory bodies, legal support of transactions, legal representation in administrative, law enforcement and regulatory bodies, participation in negotiations with contractors and partners, legal support for registration of legal entities and amendments in the constituent documents,preparation of claims, claim work, extraordinary lawyer support in conducting tax audit or in case of other necessity.

Within the service of the on-retainer legal support of business the legal representation, assistance in enforcement proceedings, accounting services are not provided. These services are based on individual contracts.

The advantages of the on-retainer legal support of business: reduction of expenses for professionals, lawyers qualification of the law firm is much higher than of a staff lawyer, guarantee of the timely receipt of professional legal assistance, fixed monthly fee, a personal lawyer or attorney is assigned for the company.

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