Lawyer for IT

The IT business is actively growing and developing in all countries. Information technologies are increasingly present in all spheres of human and business life. The law firm for clients with legal services, legal support and lawyer services in the IT industry. We provide our clients with professional legal services in the field of IT law and intellectual property protection.

Services for IT business:

  • legal advice for IT firms and preparation of legal advice, tax benefits;
  • registration of an IT business, preparation of registration documents, building an IT business structure and organizing the activities of companies;
  • development of legal documents for IT business, public offers for sites and contracts for software development, sites, SEO, provision of Saas and other services, license contracts, contracts for software development, contracts with developers and for the sale of graphic design and transfer of source code, contracts for the use and delivery of software, nondisclosure and trade secret contracts, Debag agreement, preparation of contracts with developers on the frontend and backend;
  • registration of rights to software, computer programs, functionality and graphic design, registration and protection of intellectual property and copyright;
  • domain name and brand sale transactions, domain name legal protection;
  • e-business and Internet commerce, legal support for trading on Internet platforms, electronic money and e-banking, electronic transactions, payment systems;
  • consulting and optimization, analysis of investment risks and financial transactions, audit, tax and financial reporting, personnel records and accounting support;
  • GAMEDEV rights, representation before Google play platforms, App Store, licenses;
  • legal support for IT business, lawyer services, litigation in the field of IT, representation in court and commercial disputes, arbitration, media law and advertising.

IT lawyers provide legal protection in court, prosecutor’s office, police, fiscal service and other bodies. Our lawyers and managers assist in attracting financial investments for StartUp investment in IT..