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Services of a Law Firm in Kharkov::

  • Legal advice of a lawyer in Kharkov, legal advice in a foreign language in Kharkov, legal advice On-line, personal consultation of a lawyer with a client, analysis of documents and study of other materials in a legal case, search for evidence and information, assessment of the legal situation and prospects for considering the case;
  • Preparation of documents for a court in Kharkov (application, statement of claim, appeal), preparation of letters, requests (lawyer’s request), claims and other legal documents; preparation of contracts in Kharkov and legal analysis of contract documents, preparation of a legal opinion;
  • Services of a lawyer in court in Kharkov, the defense of a lawyer in court, the defense of a lawyer in court and law enforcement agencies (police, prosecutors) in various categories of cases, the services of a lawyer for citizens and businesses in Kharkov; dispute resolution and mediation in Kharkov; representation of interests before local governments, enterprises and citizens;
  • Protection by a lawyer of the interests of foreigners in Kharkov (legal services of an English-speaking lawyer in Kharkov);
  • Legal support of companies in Kharkov, legal services for Ukrainian and foreign business in Kharkov, tax consulting, business structuring, optimization; investments and legal support of investment projects in Kharkov;
  • Enforcement proceedings and representation of interests in the execution of a court decision in Kharkov, services of a private executor in Kharkov, execution of a decision of a foreign court;
  • Lawyer investigations in Kharkov: defense in an unprofessional investigation of criminal cases, revealing the facts of marital infidelity, investigation of marital fraud, searching for people, collecting information and evidence, searching for witnesses and checking an alibi, private criminal investigation and accident investigation, independent examination, verification of person and documents , search for property and real estate of the debtor, business verification, Due Diligence, business security, money back, transaction security;
  • Obtaining documents in Kharkov from the registry office, obtaining certificates, apostille on documents, consular legalization of documents; translation agency services in Kharkov, interpretation and translation in Kharkov, translation of documents in Kharkov, notarized translation of documents (translation of more than 30 foreign languages).

Specialization of lawyers in Kharkov:

  • Family lawyer in Kharkov, services of a lawyer in family law: family disputes, divorce in court, divorce from a foreigner, division of property, place of residence and parenting, establishment of paternity and deprivation of parental rights, adoption of a child (international adoption of a child by foreigners), support for DNA examinations;
  • Protection in criminal cases in Kharkov, services of a criminal lawyer in Kharkov: murder, robbery, personal injury, traffic accidents, theft, extortion, drugs, forgery, fraud, weapons, smuggling and other criminal offenses;
  • Insurance lawyer in Kharkov: insurance disputes in court for the recovery of insurance payments, disputes with an insurance company, disputes for the collection of insurance payments in road accidents;
  • Debt collection in Kharkov, enforcement of court decisions in Kharkov, support of enforcement proceedings, private performer in Kharkov;
  • Civil lawyer in Kharkov, law of obligations, civil litigation in court, disputes under contracts, loans;
  • Registration of an inheritance in Kharkov, services of a lawyer for inheritance in Kharkov, registration of an inheritance for a foreigner in Kharkov, division of an inheritance, restoration of the term for registration of an inheritance, registration of an inheritance by law and an inheritance by will in Kharkov;
  • Real estate in Kharkov (commercial and residential real estate), real estate lawyer in Kharkov, support of real estate transactions in Kharkov, verification of real estate, opening an investment account for the purchase of real estate by a foreigner in Kharkov, registration of real estate with a new owner;
  • Registration of companies in Kharkov, registration of LLC in Kharkov, opening a business for foreigners in Kharkov, registration of a foreign representative office; liquidation of companies in Kharkov and bankruptcy, registration of a company as a new owner, urgent liquidation of a company;
  • Commercial law and Administrative law: representation and protection of business interests in economic disputes and disputes by state authorities and self-government; tax law and tax optimization, tax disputes; land law and land disputes;
  • IT law in Kharkov and legal support for IT business, IT lawyer in Kharkov, registration of IT businesses in Kharkov, preparation of IT contracts, legal support of e-business, preparation of public offers and legal documents, tax and financial consulting GAMEDEV law and more;
  • Intellectual property in Kharkov, copyright; registration of intellectual property, protection of intellectual property in Kharkov;
  • Immigration services in Kharkov, residence permit in Kharkov (temporary residence permit and permanent residence permit), citizenship, proof of citizenship of the child.

Advantages of working with a law firm in Kharkov:

  • Kharkov lawyers are experienced professionals in law and have a lot of practical experience.
  • Specialists in Ukrainian law in Kharkov (lawyers) provide clients with comprehensive professional legal affairs solutions for businesses and citizens.
  • Our lawyers, professionals in Ukrainian law, will quickly understand all issues and disputes in Ukrainian law.
  • Lawyers in Kharkov will conduct a full assessment of any legal problem and offer the best options for resolving a legal dispute.
  • Lawyers and other specialists of a law firm in Kharkov provide legal services on time, efficiently and professionally.
  • Our lawyers in Kharkov are professionals who have been providing legal assistance to citizens and firms in Kharkov, Kharkov region, other cities of Ukraine, the European Union, the USA, Russia, Canada, Turkey and other countries for more than 20 years.
  • Lawyers of a law firm in Kharkov conduct various legal cases and provide legal support for many commercial projects in Kharkov and Ukraine.
  • Lawyers of the company in Kharkov are full members of the National Association of Lawyers of Ukraine. Lawyers have a certificate of lawyering.
  • Our lawyers in Kharkov provide legal services in foreign languages.
  • Law practice of lawyers and lawyers in Kharkov is carried out according to Ukrainian and international law.