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Legal Advice of a Lawyer

Lawyers of the law firm provide professional legal advice, legal advice to a lawyer on-line, conduct legal analysis of documents, which are the basis for understanding the legal situation, help to understand the current situation and determine ways to resolve the legal issue.

Legal advice from a lawyer allows us to conclude that it is necessary to involve a lawyer with a certain specialization in solving a legal problem.

By contacting a law firm, you can get legal advice on legal issues you are interested in, and you can also order the services of a lawyer in court and law enforcement agencies, legal services for business, order a lawyer investigation service, restore documents and carry out legalization, get professional legal assistance of a lawyer for a foreigner in foreign languages ​​and more.

Legal Advice for Citizens:

  • Family law and family disputes, legal advice on family law, divorce (divorce with a foreigner), division of property in court, place of residence, participation in raising a child, establishing paternity in court, adoption of a child (international adoption), marriage contracts;
  • Civil law: legal advice on civil law, property law, contracts, law of obligations and debt collection from citizens, enforcement proceedings;
  • Criminal law and defense in criminal cases: legal advice on criminal law, murder, bodily injury, road traffic accidents, drugs, forgery, robbery, theft, extortion, fraud, weapons, smuggling other criminal offenses);
  • Insurance law and insurance disputes, legal advice on insurance law, compensation for insurance payments, compensation for damage from road accidents;
  • Real estate and housing law: legal advice on real estate and housing law, transactions with residential real estate and land, inspection of residential real estate, re-registration of real estate, purchase of real estate by a foreigner;
  • Inheritance law and registration of inheritance: legal advice on inheritance law, inheritance by law and testament, inheritance by a foreigner, division of inheritance, restoration of terms for registration of inheritance;
  • Migration law: consultation of a lawyer on migration law, registration of a permanent and temporary residence permit in Ukraine, obtaining Ukrainian citizenship, work permit, registration of a foreigner’s place of residence, confirmation of citizenship.

Legal Advice of a Lawyer for Business:

  • Corporate law and business registration: legal advice on business registration, registration of an LLC, opening an account for a company, investments, registration of a representative office of a foreign company, registration of a company for a foreigner, re-registration of corporate rights to a company and sale of a business;
  • Liquidation of an LLC and bankruptcy of a company, urgent liquidation of a company, consultation of a lawyer on liquidation of a business;
  • Contract law, development of contracts for business, legal advice on contracts;
  • Tax law and tax optimization, tax consulting, legal advice on tax law;
  • Insurance law: insurance disputes and recovery of insurance compensations, consultation of a lawyer on insurance law;
  • Commercial disputes, consulting a lawyer on commercial law;
  • Administrative law, legal advice on administrative law;
  • Land law and land disputes, legal advice on land law;
  • Commercial real estate, commercial real estate lawyer consultation, land for construction, agricultural land, commercial transactions with real estate and land, purchase of real estate by foreign companies, investment in commercial real estate;
  • Debt collection under contracts from firms, legal advice on debt collection, international commercial arbitration, enforcement proceedings, execution of a court decision on debt collection in Ukraine and abroad;
  • IT law and information technology: legal advice on IT law, registration and structuring of IT business, offers and contracts for IT, e-business, tax consulting, financial consulting;
  • Intellectual property and copyright: legal advice on intellectual property, registration and protection of intellectual property.

Legal advice

In most cases, the result of solving a legal case depends on the professional level of legal advice from a lawyer.

The service of legal advice to clients is provided by professional lawyers with significant practical experience in the field of legislation and law. Niche attorneys provide legal advice for clients in foreign languages.