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Real estate lawyer

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Commercial real estate, residential real estate and land have priority values ​​for citizens and businesses. A real estate lawyer provides legal services in the field of real estate, land, construction. A real estate lawyer has a large amount of legal knowledge and is able to understand different legal situations related to real estate, and also quickly reacts to different legal situations. Real estate and land lawyers provide services to Ukrainian and foreign clients.

Real estate lawyer services:

  • consulting a real estate lawyer, legal analysis of contracts, obtaining information from a unified real estate register;
  • registration of ownership of real estate;
  • buying real estate – real estate agency services, buying real estate abroad;
  • drafting legal documents in the field of real estate (contracts and agreements);
  • legal support for investments in residential and commercial real estate, support for investment projects, opening a bank account for investment in real estate;
  • opening an investment bank account for the purchase of residential and commercial real estate;
  • real estate disputes in court: ownership of real estate, appeal against real estate and land transactions, foreclosure on real estate and land, challenging real estate transactions and invalidity of transactions, seizure of real estate; preparation of documents for the real estate court; division of real estate in court and by agreement of the parties;
  • legalization of reconstruction and redevelopment, seizure of real estate, procedure for the use of real estate and land, division of real estate);
  • legal services of a lawyer by inheritance of residential and commercial real estate, legal support on inheritance issues;
  • legal support of real estate transactions, real estate appraisal, real estate notary services, Due Diligence and more.

Real estate agency

Residential and commercial real estate is of great importance to citizens and businesses. Our real estate lawyers provide real estate services to clients in many regions. We cooperate with real estate agencies, large property owners, banks, financial and construction companies in Ukraine and abroad. We offer investment objects: commercial real estate (hotels, office buildings, industrial facilities, etc.); industrial enterprises, warehouses and bases; agricultural firms and farms; land for residential and commercial construction; investment projects in the field of energy, transport, construction, technology and IT, agriculture, industry and manufacturing, hotel and restaurant business and others); residential real estate from construction companies (apartments, cottages).