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Since 2008, the Law Firm has been providing legal services to clients abroad. Every day, many citizens and companies need a lawyer abroad. To solve a legal problem or other legal problems, you need professional services of a lawyer abroad.

An important point is the opportunity to receive legal services abroad in the language spoken by the client.

We have many lawyers, partners in more than 30 countries.f other organizations, companies and citizens.



Services of a Lawyer Abroad:


  • Legal advice abroad (consultation of a lawyer), on-line legal advice, legal analysis of documents, preparation of recommendations and legal opinion, development of legal documents for the court, preparation of contracts and other documents;
  • Services of a lawyer with a court abroad, in law enforcement and other bodies, protection of interests in various legal cases of any complexity;
  • Enforcement of court decisions abroad, legal support by an attorney for enforcement proceedings (enforcement of decisions of foreign courts);
  • Services of a lawyer for foreigners abroad and legal support in a foreign language.


Specialization of a Lawyer Abroad:


  • Family law abroad, the services of a family lawyer abroad: divorce through a court of law abroad, divorce from a foreigner abroad, division of property, establishment of paternity and adoption, marriage contracts;
  • Civil law abroad, the services of a civil lawyer abroad: ownership, contracts and obligations, debt collection from citizens under contracts;
  • Criminal law abroad, services of a criminal lawyer abroad, defense in criminal cases of any complexity abroad, protection of foreigners in criminal cases abroad;
  • Insurance law abroad, services of an insurance lawyer abroad, litigation abroad, settlement of insurance disputes, recovery of insurance payments;
  • Real estate abroad, services of a lawyer for real estate abroad, support by a lawyer of transactions with real estate abroad, verification of real estate, paperwork for the purchase and sale of real estate, purchase of residential real estate for foreigners abroad;
  • Inheritance abroad, services of a lawyer for inheritance abroad, registration of inheritance abroad, receipt and registration of inheritance for a foreigner abroad;
  • Immigration abroad, assistance of a migration lawyer, registration of a residence permit abroad, citizenship, legalization of stay abroad; Document translation services abroad, translation services, interpreting, translation of documents, certification of translation of documents (judicial translation), obtaining documents abroad, apostille and consular legalization of documents.
  • Registration of a business abroad, corporate law, investments abroad (cooperation with foreign investors and partners), registration of a business for foreigners, opening a bank account abroad, registration of a foreign company abroad; liquidation of business abroad, bankruptcy; sale of firms and businesses abroad;
  • Legal support of companies abroad, commercial contracts, tax optimization, consulting, assistance in doing business abroad, foreign economic contracts;
  • Commercial disputes abroad, commercial law, services of a lawyer in commercial disputes court, mediation, international commercial arbitration, enforcement of decisions of international commercial courts;
  • Commercial real estate abroad, legal support of transactions with commercial real estate, purchase and sale of commercial real estate abroad for foreign business, investment in real estate abroad;
  • Debt collection from firms abroad under contracts, arbitration, search for debtor's assets;
  • Intellectual property abroad, registration and protection of intellectual and industrial property, copyrights.


Our main priorities are the provision of professional legal services and prompt legal assistance to clients abroad in foreign and international courts, when considering cases in arbitrations, law enforcement agencies, accompaniment in government bodies, legal representation in front of other organizations, companies and citizens.