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The Law firm in France provides professional legal assistance and legal services to French and foreign clients. Lawyers in Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Strasbourg, and Toulouse provide clients with prompt legal support and protection. French professional lawyers have extensive legal experience in providing legal services.

Services of a law firm in France:

  • Legal advice on French law, online consultation, study and analysis of legal documents, preparation of documents for court, contracts, legal investigations, and verification of firms;
  • Services of a lawyer in court: representation and protection of interests in cases of any complexity; representation of interests in the European Court of Human Rights; execution of French court decisions;
  • Lawyer for foreigners in France: representation in legal cases in a foreign language: family law, civil law, inheritance law, housing law, insurance law, criminal law, corporate law, real estate, business services;

Specialization of lawyers in France:

  • French family law: services of a family lawyer, divorce through court, divorce proceedings, divorce from a foreigner, division of property, alimony, paternity, adoption, development of a marriage contract;
  • Criminal law: services of a criminal lawyer, defense in criminal cases of any complexity, defense of foreigners in criminal offenses in court, police, prosecutor’s office;
  • Real estate in France: real estate lawyer, real estate transaction support, real estate verification, real estate purchase by foreigners; investment in real estate;
  • Inheritance in France: services in inheritance law, registration of inheritance, registration of inheritance rights for foreigners;
  • Registration of companies: investments in business, investment projects, business registration for foreigners, liquidation of companies, bankruptcy;
  • Legal support of business: consulting, tax optimization, commercial contracts; French tax law: taxation, reporting, tax consulting, and optimization;
  • Insurance law: insurance disputes, settlement of disputes with insurance companies;
  • Collection of debts under contracts: arbitration, return of the property, commercial disputes, mediation, international commercial arbitration;
  • Intellectual and industrial property: registration, protection;
  • Civil law: services of a civil lawyer, property law, real estate, contracts, the law of obligations;
  • Notary services: certification of transactions for the purchase and sale of real estate, contracts, agreements, statements, certification of constituent documents of companies, authentication of documents, inheritance, wills;
  • Sworn translation in France, legal translation, obtaining documents (certificates, certificates, references), apostille

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