Debt Collection

An important area of ​​providing legal services is debt collection from businesses and individuals. Debt collection attorneys provide services for collecting debts in a pre-trial or court order, as well as legal support for enforcement proceedings. We provide services for the collection of debts from businesses and individuals under contracts based on decisions of courts, as well as on decisions of the International Commercial Arbitration Court.

Debt collection services:

  • legal advice from a lawyer on debt collection, legal analysis and financial examination of debt documents, development of optimal legal options for the settlement of arisen debt obligations;
  • preparation of measures for debt collection, collection of information about the debtor, tracing the property and the debtor and the assets of the debtor;
  • debt collection by a court decision and pre-trial (extrajudicial) collection, deferral and installment plan for debt obligations;
  • seizure of assets, property, real estate, vehicles, bank accounts, the imposition of a ban on the debtor’s departure abroad, opposition to the withdrawal of assets;
  • services of a private contractor;
  • legal support of enforcement proceedings, preparation of documents for opening enforcement proceedings, control of enforcement proceedings;
  • debt collection by a foreign court decision, recognition of foreign court decisions, debt collection abroad.

Debt lawyer

Debt collection attorney has extensive practical experience in debt collection under contracts between individuals and legal entities, under loan agreements and other obligations. The purpose of the provision of legal services by a debt collection attorney is to pay off the debt. Debt collection attorneys work on debt collection for banks, finance companies, insurance companies, commercial companies, leasing companies and other clients.