Intellectual Property

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Intellectual property lawyers of the law firm provide legal support in matters of registration and protection of intellectual property in Ukraine and abroad. Intellectual property and copyright lawyers protect intellectual property rights.

Intellectual property services:

  • legal advice on intellectual property; preliminary search in trademark databases, preparation of information on the legal status of a trademark, collection of information about the author or owner of a copyright object, development of expert opinions on copyright objects, attribution;
  • judicial protection of intellectual property, patent disputes, challenging copyright certificates, titles of protection; representation of interests on intellectual property issues;
  • registration of a trademark, international registration of a trademark, obtaining a certificate of registration of rights to a trademark; registration of copyright for a computer program, literary work, work of art, musical work;
  • restoration of the right to an object of intellectual property; termination of unlawful use of the trademark and objects of intellectual property, collection of evidence of violation of intellectual property rights;
  • assistance of a criminal lawyer in bringing to criminal responsibility or civil liability for violation of intellectual property rights;
  • protection of commercial secrets, development of documents and agreements with employees on confidentiality and compensation for damage;
  • support of negotiations and licensing agreements for the use of intellectual property, royalties, obtaining permission to use copyright;
  • registration of intellectual property in the customs register;
  • support of inheritance of copyright objects;
  • legal services for IT companies.

Intellectual property protection

Results of intellectual activity (objects of intellectual property rights): commercial (firm) name, trade mark – a mark for goods and services, geographical designation, commercial designation, trade secret, invention, utility model, know-how, industrial design, works of science, literature and arts, computer programs and software; databases and other objects.