Immigration to Ukraine

Иммиграция в Украину

Immigration lawyer in Ukraine provides legal migration services and legal assistance to foreign clients on immigration to Ukraine. Immigration to Ukraine is a demanded service among foreign citizens. Foreigners can immigrate and live in Ukraine on the basis of a residence permit or obtain Ukrainian citizenship.

Immigration services to Ukraine:

  • legal advice to an immigration attorney on immigration issues in Ukraine;
  • paperwork for immigration to Ukraine (police clearance certificate, tax number, documents and certificates from the registry office), paperwork for traveling abroad, apostille and legalization of documents;
  • registration of a temporary and permanent residence permit in Ukraine for foreigners (temporary residence and permanent residence in Ukraine);
  • obtaining Ukrainian citizenship by foreigners;
  • registration of an invitation for a foreigner, registration of a foreigner’s place of residence, registration of a work permit in Ukraine;
  • confirmation of the Ukrainian citizenship of the child;
  • services of written translation of documents in a translation agency, certification of written translation by a notary, and more.

Foreign citizens can obtain an immigration permit and immigrate to Ukraine within the immigration quota, as well as other foreigners outside the immigration quota.