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Law firm provides the citizens of Ukraine and foreign citizens with the most comprehensive and full service for registration of inheritance in Ukraine. Our lawyers in inheritance law will register the inheritance for the apartment, house, plot (land share), car, businesses (corporate law), Bank Deposit, securities, copyright, and other objects.

Inheritance Lawyer

There are two options for the adoption and registration of inheritance in Ukraine: the inheritance under the will (if a will was drawn up by a notary in favor of one or more heirs) and the inheritance by law (if there is no will or been found by a court to be invalid). The inheritance is registered according to the law at the place of residence of the deceased or at the location of the main body of inherited property.

Inheritance Services

Also there are certain peculiarities relating the registration of inheritance, which opened in the temporarily occupied territory (Autonomous Republic of Crimea), as well as in the ATO area (Donetsk and Luhansk region). Our lawyers have practical experience of conducting the inheritance cases on this regions and will provide all necessary legal advice, legal support, registration of all necessary documents, establish the legal facts and will establish the right of ownership of the inherited property judicially.

Inheritance Law

The law firm lawyers in inheritance law will register correct in the shortest possible time any inheritance. In the process of inheritance registration our notaries take part which allows you to quickly and correctly register the inheritance. Additionally, we will conduct the inheritance assessment, will restore the terms to accept the inheritance in court and will provide other related services.